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Webinar – 19 November 2021

Helping the analytical community to develop through knowledge base, we also have a couple of show and tell sessions – don’t miss it!

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AphA Purpose

Our purpose is to raise the profile of and represent the voice of health and care analysts as a recognised and respected industry expert, by providing a professional framework and an established support network.
We will help our members to drive up the quality and application of analytics to improve experience in a fast paced and dynamic health and care system.

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AphA Membership brings many benefits in the form of professional support and personal development.

We’ve created a growing UK community through sharing of experience and knowledge to promote the highest standards in healthcare analysis. Membership starts at only £37 a year and members get the following:

  • Regional meetings – Meet with like-minded professionals to hear from guest speakers, share knowledge and develop networks.
  • Discounts – Attend annual conference at the member rate.
  • Website – aphanalysts.org – keep updated with news, book events, source material within the members area.
  • Newsletters – AphA members receive regular newsletters.
  • Workshops – AphA members to receive priority booking at technical workshops.
  • Awards – work and talent recognised via annual awards

Our Organisational Offers

AphA Provide framework in registration standards (including CPD requirements)

We are creating a framework for analysts to be professionally registered, and offer provision of training opportunities to further develop analytical skills and experience.

  • Assurance that registered analysis meet a code of professional conduct and have been assessed as meeting an defined level of competence.
  • A method to support the development and networking of analysts.
    Discounted / free training.
  • A way to quickly assess the impact of a change – we can invite comments from Analysts at all levels across all types of health and care organisations.
  • A route to disseminate changes to analysts across the UK eg direct email (will only be used in limited cases), Newsletter, opportunities to present at regional and national conferences etc.
  • Assurance of the professionalism of analysis in the UK.

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