AphA Aims, Strategies and Values

In pursuit of Excellence

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Our purpose is to raise the profile of and represent the voice of health and care analysts as a recognised and respected industry expert, by providing a professional framework and an established support network.

We will help our members to drive up the quality and application of analytics to improve experience in a fast paced and dynamic health and care system.

Strategic Aims

    • Our aim is to help develop analytical capacity and capability in health and care fit for the 21st century, ensuring equitable recognition of analytics as a profession with progressive career pathways.


    • We will ensure that the experience of our members will be the best it can be and for their voices to shape our decisions and what we offer.


    • We will help develop health and care for the future by using robust analytical methods, keeping quality of care and experience at the heart of all activities.
    • We will facilitate a thriving analytical community to advance skills, share knowledge, implement good practice and improve decision making.


    • We will foster links with organisations and networks, including those in the research and academic community, in order to harness the clear benefits to be gained from collaborative relationships.


    • We will promote the value of analytics and provide independent thought leadership through lobbying, influencing, and challenging key decisions and policies.



The AphA CIC Board will aspire to exemplify the values of the organisation, both in Board meetings and in routine contacts with members and external colleagues. The Board will monitor its own performance against these standards and reflect on its ability to live these values, highlighting successes and explore opportunities for improvement.


    • To promote equality and diversity by championing inclusion within our membership and in health and care analytics
    • We will seek to identify gaps in data and analysis in health and care, and facilitate improvement
    • We will treat everyone with dignity and respect, being mindful of the potential for discrimination and bias
    • Use our resources for the benefit of the health and care analytics community



    • To have a clear focus on the needs of our members
    • To be open and transparent in all of our business operations and decision making
    • To adopt and promote a positive, caring and compassionate mindset



    • To constantly strive for the highest quality in all we do to deliver the best outcomes
    • Always looking for innovative solutions by embracing co-design and working together
    • A broad range of views are routinely sought to nurture continuous improvement



    • We will always have a clear focus on the needs of our members both current and prospective
    • We will seek to take the lead where we should and join the endeavors of others where this is more appropriate.
    • We will ensure we continually take advice from the users of our analytical work



    • To earn trust by insisting on quality and striving to get the basics right every time
    • Embrace feedback, learn from experience and build on our successes
    • We will strive to provide open and transparent communication
    • We will ensure we can all maximise benefits from data and analytics and identify opportunities to close the gap