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INSIGHT 2020: A festival of analysis and learning – Sep-Nov 2020

Posted : September 23, 2020 - /

This is an invitation for you to come to a free, online INSIGHT 2020 festival! The Strategy Unit are hosting a 6-week festival of virtual events, called INSIGHT 2020, exploring some of the challenges facing decision-makers in health and care in 2020 and beyond; emerging models of practice to make best use of…

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The Health Foundation: Strengthening Social Care Analytics

Posted : August 27, 2020 - /

The Health Foundation launched their funding programme for social care analytics on Monday. Take a look at the link and feel free to pass on to anyone you think may be interested. https://www.health.org.uk/funding-and-partnerships/programmes/strengthening-social-care-analytics.

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NHS Digital Academy Future Vision – NHS HEE

Posted : July 23, 2020 - /

Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to get involved as your input is important. Executive Summary There is plenty to celebrate in the NHS Digital Academy journey so far and this future vision sets out an offering that builds on solid foundations in the context of…

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Bringing NHS data analysis into the 21st century – Article in JRSM

Posted : July 23, 2020 - /

The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine has published this excellent article; Bringing NHS data analysis into the 21st century which has been jointly written by Ben Goldacre, Martin Bardsley, Tim Benson, Kate Cheema, Roger Chinn, Ellen Coughlan, Sarah Dougan, Marc Farr, Loraine Hawkins, Adrian Jonas, Andy Kinnear, Morag Mcinnes, Mohammed Amin Mohammed, Caroline Morton, Rahul Pasumarthy, Neil Pettinger, Ben Rowland, Neil Sebire, Paul Stroner, Jeni Tennison, Samantha Warnakula, Oliver…

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Exclusive free trial license and support from Alteryx

Posted : July 16, 2020 - /

Alteryx are offering exclusive extended free trial license and support for AphA members What is Alteryx: Alteryx is a self-service data analytics platform that helps gather disparate data, prep, blend, cleanse and outputs to visualisation tools Alteryx plan to strategically work with AphA to bring this technology to the Analysts…

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NHS Providers report ‘Recovery position and what next for the NHS’

Posted : July 3, 2020 - /

NHS Providers published a report earlier this week looking at ‘Recovery position and what next for the NHS’, based on surveying 158 Trust Chairs and Chief Executives. The 4 key points identified are below and I think very pertinent in terms of Demand & Capacity and framing the summer series…

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PLETHORA : PLanning the Effective Transformation of Healthcare using Operational Research and advanced Analytics

Posted : June 24, 2020 - /

Reference Guide Series – Progress Update Dear Colleagues, Last year I circulated information about the PLETHORA Reference Guide Series initiative – click here. This project, supported by the Health Foundation, is  progressing well and we are currently developing two pilot editions of exemplar guides. If successful we hope this will…

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AphA Webinar: Data challenges in a time of crisis

Posted : June 23, 2020 - /

The recent AphA Webinar “Data challenges in a time of crisis” is now available on our YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/7kIXDlIJpG0

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NHSE/I Demand and Capacity – Latest Developments

Posted : June 2, 2020 - /

D&C modelling post COVID-19 The Demand and Capacity Team will be hosting a series of webinars over the Summer to share good practice on demand and capacity planning post COVID-19.  These sessions are designed to support providers as they re-open elective services. NHSE/I will look into how they model capacity…

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Invite to webinar Friday 29th May 12:30 – are you interested in building future capacity within digital, data and tech?

Posted : May 26, 2020 - /

From Aasha Cowey | Programme Manager | Transformation & Consultancy NHS South, Central and West E: [email protected]    I am contacting you as someone potentially interested in building future capacity within their digital, data and technology workforce to join an upcoming webinar on Friday 29thMay at 12:30.  Please do feel free to forward…

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AphA Webinars: Data challenges in a time of crisis

Posted : May 26, 2020 - / /

Join us on the first of our AphA Webinars which has been sponsored by Meditrends Share information and listed to the challenges faced by other data analysts during the current crisis.   Draft agenda  10:00 Introduction 10:10 Data Challenges Presentation – Paul Stroner (CEO) & Martin Pitt (President) 10:20 Member…

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Starting our AphA YouTube Channel

Posted : May 20, 2020 - / /

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