AphA and Covid19

Posted : March 17, 2020 - /

During this unprecedented period there will undoubtedly be an increase in demands from central bodies for information, as well as additional analytical burdens placed on you at a local and/or regional level.

In recognition of this the AphA Board of Directors have taken the decision to suspend all AphA related activities, be they virtual or physical for the foreseeable future.  We have taken this decision to ensure that AphA members are not potentially diverted from the priorities of the day job, and the priority has to be supporting the safety and welfare of patients and the wider population. We will keep this under review in what is clearly a rapidly changing situation.

I would urge you to make maximum use of the informal networks that you will have developed from being an AphA member, and reach out to colleagues during this difficult time.  If you think there is anything that should be shared with the wider membership please do not hesitate to contact Val Perigo ([email protected]) or Paul Stroner ([email protected]) and we will endeavour to ensure that we post on the website or via an email to members.

In the meantime I would like to commend you for the work that you do, as always I know that the analytical community will step up to the plate and deliver what is need.  You will all play a key role in helping the NHS through this.  I also urge you to stay safe and look after yourselves and your loved ones as we go forward.


Paul Stroner
AphA CIC, Chief Executive Officer