AphA Webinars: Data challenges in a time of crisis

Posted : May 26, 2020 - / /

Join us on the first of our AphA Webinars which has been sponsored by Meditrends

Share information and listed to the challenges faced by other data analysts during the current crisis.


Draft agenda 

10:00 Introduction

10:10 Data Challenges Presentation – Paul Stroner (CEO) & Martin Pitt (President)

10:20 Member speaker – Sygal Amitay

10:25 Member speaker – Anton Parker

10:30 Member speaker – Zoe Turner

10:35 Member speaker

10:40 Member speaker

10:45 Member speaker

10:50 Summary – Paul & Martin

11:00 An introduction to Meditrends online – Tim Bradley

11:30 Panel Q&A – All speakers

11:50 Close

This event will be held via Zoom and will be free for AphA Members.

There will be a charge of £50 for non-members to will include 1 year’s AphA Membership.

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