AphA welcomes new call to better use data in the NHS

Posted : February 23, 2022 - /

The Association of professional healthcare analysts (AphA) has welcomed a new long read, published by The Health Foundation, exploring how better use of data can help address key challenges facing the NHS.

The analysis explores not only how the NHS in England can better use routine health data, but also the barriers which must be overcome to deliver the change needed.

The NHS employs around 10,000 data professionals and analysts, but the Health Foundation found that “…analysts lack opportunities for training and professional development, and need better access to the software tools required to derive insights from data and to develop prototypes of data-driven solutions.”

AphA welcomed the foundation’s proposed approach of developing the analytical workforce and wider analytical capability at a national and organisational level. The long read’s recommendations include “providing the analytical workforce with the skills, recognition, professional status, leadership and support needed to make a difference.”

Apha President Andi Orlowski said: “It’s fantastic to see the Health Foundation putting an emphasis on creating a community of professional analysts in the NHS.

“The NHS has a vast amount of data which can be used to help make intelligent, informed decisions, but to do that system leaders need professional analysts who they can trust.

“At AphA we’re building that community of professionally registered analysts, who can use well thought through approaches to uncover the stories that the data is telling. This evidence-based approach leads to a safer, quality healthcare service for all.”

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