Calling all Data and Analytics Managers – AnalystX Observatory State of the Nation survey is now live!

Posted : March 14, 2022 - / /

Health and care organisations from across the country are being invited to take part in a national census that will, for the first time, paint a picture on data and analytical professional teams. There is currently no big picture of data professional teams, with only a number of isolated local surveys carried out in the past. This makes it more challenging when developing national policy or creating programmes of support for professional learning and development.
The survey, which runs from 3rd March 2022 to 31st March 2022 , is designed to be completed by heads or managers on behalf of their data professional teams and will collect information such as the structure and size of the teams, where they are situated and how they are managed.

The survey and its findings will benefit data and analytics teams by:

  • helping to identify and develop access to training and development opportunities
  • opening up channels of communication so that teams can access relevant news and
  • aiding collaboration between teams, through improved knowledge sharing and project
  • influencing the development of a national framework which looks to create a standardisation of data roles and grades across health and care for development, hiring,upskilling, reviews/appraisals

Further information and FAQs can be found on the Data and Analytics Partnership Gateway and data team leaders & managers can access the survey here.