Data Visualisation: How to Effectively Communicate with your Data

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A workshop delivered by Dan Isaac FCCA

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Do you know how to effectively communicate with your data? Do you understand the psychology of how your audience interprets the data that you present to them? Do you know why pie charts are problematic and that you should (almost) never present a chart or graphic in 3D?

Learning the fundamental principles behind good data visualisation can:

  • Simplify the process of presenting data in tables and graphs
  • Help those working with data to engage, captivate and influence their audience
  • Ensure that the story being presented can be easily understood
  • Allow decision-maker to get answers more quickly

Dan Isaac ([email protected]) is a data visualisation specialist and trainer working at the University of Exeter.  He runs training workshops that teach the key principles of effective data visualisation and would love to help you learn how to communicate more effectively with your data.

The following great value workshops are scheduled for early 2020 and you can book your place now at or by e-mailling [email protected]:

  • Fri 31st Jan 2020 – London – UCL’s Wilkins Building – £195+VAT
  • Fri 7th Feb 2020 – Exeter – University of Exeter’s Building:One – £165+VAT

Feedback from Previous Workshops

“Great course, would definitely recommend!”

“Very well presented, clear, engaging presentation paced well”

“Dan was very good at explaining complex information in an easy manner”

“I learnt information on different uses of graphs and in what situation different graphs can be used”

“I learnt some great tips on how to present simply and clearly”