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FEDIP Stakeholder Update

October 2018

Welcome to this update on the development of FEDIP. If you want to know more or get involved, please contact us on info@fed-ip.org. For a summary of what FEDIP is being set up to do, please see the bottom of this update.


Key Activities Summary

  • FEDIP held a very productive strategy development day for its Advisory Board, Management Board, Leading Practitioners and key stakeholders on 18th September, to discuss how to lead FEDIP through the next stage of evolution.
  • Will Smart, CIO at NHS England, will Chair the FEDIP Advisory Board and the Board will include senior representatives from all four UK countries.
  • Paul Stroner, CEO of AphA, has been appointed as the new Chair of FEDIP.
  • NHS Digital Academy – FEDIP will join Faculty of Clinical Informatics (FCI) to deliver a

    session on professionalism at the November residential of the Academy.

  • The FEDIP website has now been updated with new branding and the names of registrants agreed so far. More Leading and Advanced Practitioners have been added to the register and others are in the process of being assessed. www.fed-ip.org


FEDIP Strategy Day

We recently held a very productive and interactive workshop day, for board members, leading practitioners and key stakeholders, at the BCS in London. The work was focussed on where we want FEDIP to be in 10 years and how we get there. Matthew Swindells (National Director of Operations and Information at NHS England) gave his view of how informatics professionals need to innovate and show how we can transform care.

The Management Board also met at the end of September to review the outcomes and develop the strategy. More details of the strategy, priority areas and workstreams will be published shortly.

Advisory Board

Will Smart, NHS CIO, has been appointed as Chair of the FEDIP advisory board. Will has invited representation, with receipt of acceptances, from the home nations as the first advisory board


members. Further Advisory Board members will be invited following the boards first meeting and the agreement of terms of reference, due to be held on the 21 September. The Advisory Board will initially consist of:

Will Smart (Chair) – NHS England CIO
Gary Loughran – Director of Encompass Programme, HSCNI

Andrew Griffiths – NHS Wales CIO
Christopher Wroath – Director of Digital for NHS Education in Scotland

New Chair for FEDIP

At the FEDIP Board Directors meeting on 3 September 2018, Paul Stroner, CEO of the Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA) was appointed as the new Chair of the FEDIP Board. The appointment is made with immediate effect.

Paul says “ I am delighted to have the backing of the Board of Directors of FEDIP to take up this important role. I would like to extend a huge thank you to the outgoing Chair Jeremy Barlow, who has been extremely influential in establishing the Federation and getting it to its current position. I am extremely excited to be involved in guiding the Federation going forward as we move from set –up phase into implementation and delivery. I am sure that interesting opportunities will revealthemselves as we extend our support to a growing membership going forward.”

FEDIP Website

The Marketing and Communications Committee has agreed new branding for FEDIP and this has been applied to the website. There are also details of how to apply for registration, why registration matters and updates on progress. www.fed-ip.org

The names of new Leading and Advanced practitioners are being placed onto the website, as applications are approved. From the beginning of September applications for Leading Practitioners are being assessed through the membership bodies, rather than the central FEDIP Registration Committee, so please approach your membership body if you wish to apply.

How to join the FEDIP Register

The FEDIP register is open to anyone who is a member of one of the membership bodies involved. Applications for registration are assessed by your membership body and are based on the standards required for membership and the registration standards set by FEDIP. Please see the registration standards below for an overview of the four levels of registration.

Others wishing to join the register will be able to, by first joining one of the membership bodies, and details can be found on their respective websites.

To apply for registration through the BCS see http://www.bcs.org/category/19284. Current CILIP members and other Library and Information Professionals can join through


IHRIM and AphA are finalising their assessment criteria and processes and will soon start to accept applications from their members.



IHRIM members can find more details athttp://www.ihrim.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=354&Itemid=491, where the application process will soon be advertised.

More information about joining AphA see https://www.aphanalysts.org.


Purpose of FEDIP

FEDIP brings together professional bodies and societies from across the informatics field. It will set and maintain community developed standards for health and social care informatics professionals and publish a register of those professionals who meet its standards.

Its purpose is to pull communities together, support one another, and build shared professional standards. It will provide assurance, through standard setting, that employers, governments and wider society can have confidence in the knowledge, experience and commitment of professionally registered health and care informatics practitioners.

Ultimately, the aim of FEDIP is to support health and care through the best use of knowledge, information and technology.

Contact us

For more information about FEDIP see the website at www.fed-ip.org. Email: info@fed-ip.org. 3