FEDIP launches a new learning platform and community

Posted : July 4, 2022 - /

FEDIP would like to invite all those in the health and care informatics profession to join the new FEDIP Hub.

What is the FEDIP Hub?

The FEDIP Hub is a learning management system that holds a catalogue of learning resources for health and care informatics professionals.

The FEDIP Hub was created in response to feedback we received from the nationwide “Becoming the Profession” consultation which was conducted in partnership with the NHS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The consultation report provided excellent insights into the current issues that health and care informatics professionals are facing and their thoughts on the future of the profession. The full text can be read here.

From this consultation, four main issues were identified as being most important to health and care informatics professionals:

  • Career Guidance and Help
  • Networking and Community Opportunities
  • Continuous Professional Development Support
  • Simplifying the Landscape

The FEDIP Hub was created the to help address practitioners’ calls for more support with their continuous profession development. The Hub will provide new, accessible training resources and signpost learners to relevant, existing, accredited courses to help simplify the landscape.

Why join the Hub?

The Hub houses accredited CPD resources, past webinars from FEDIP and our Professional Bodies, signposting to relevant resources from throughout the profession and Taster Courses from our accredited partners.

The Hub also has an inbuilt CPD record, where you can easily keep a record of your CPD. All the CPD hours accrued on the platform are automatically logged for you.

The FEDIP community forum, where you can network with fellow practitioners, will also now be housed within the Hub.

How can I join?

You can create an account on the Hub by visiting www.fedip.org/create-account

If you would like to learn more about the Hub, please do visit the FEDIP website where you can read more and take a short video tour through the new Hub.