FEDIP Newsletter – Issue Number 1!

Posted : July 9, 2021 - /

Most of you probably know all about FEDIP and some of you are registered as a professional analyst with them. Look here.

FEDIP are now producing a monthly newsletter and AphA will submit articles for this.  To read the first one and subscribe to further issues you will need to sign up here. I hope you find it’s well worth a read.

FEDIP is the Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Social Care, a collaboration between the leading professional bodies in health and care informatics supporting the development of the informatics profession.

Conceived through discussions with BCS, CILIP, IHRIM, Socitm and UKCHIP, the federation brings individuals and organisations together to establish professional standards in health informatics and maintain a public register of experienced practitioners – offering greater confidence to employers, clients, colleagues, government and the wider society, both UK and overseas.

The institutions licensed to award FEDIP offer their members registration at five levels – Associate Practitioner, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, Leading Practitioner – dependent on the competence, knowledge and experience of the applicant in the field of health informatics.