Future Health & Care (70 years of the NHS)

Posted : April 26, 2018 - / /


Bringing about system-wide change at the local level requires strong relationships, trust and an ethos of mutual interest, according to The King’s Fund report Developing new models of care in the primary and acute care systems (PACS) vanguards: A new national approach to large scale change? The report examines how PACS vanguards have developed over the last three years and how they will influence integrated care systems and sustainability and transformation partnerships to evolve.

Chris Ham, Chief Executive of The King’s Fund, also sets out his perspective, saying how progress made on the best primary and acute care collaboration vanguards offers hope of a better future for the NHS. Read Chris’s blog.

Watch how Mid Nottinghamshire and Morecambe Bay PACS vanguards have transformed care delivery locally through stronger working across primary, secondary and community services.

Read the full King’s Fund report.

Bold experiments to integrate care