AphA and HSJ join forces to champion importance of health analytics

Posted : February 10, 2023 - /

AphA and HSJ Partnership

HSJ and AphA (Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts) have launched a strategic partnership to increase awareness of the vital role of health analytics and analysts.

Building on HSJ’s legacy of working closely with NHS senior leadership, and AphA’s sector expertise as the recognised professional body for Analytical professionals, the two organisations will work closely together to improve the quality and ubiquity of data-driven decision making across the NHS.

The initiative’s flagship will be the HSJ/AphA Data and Analytics Congress and Awards, which will be held in November 2023. The partnership’s work will be supported by a series of editorials, newsletters, and webinars.

Speaking about the partnership, AphA Chief Executive Officer Rony Arafin said “AphA is delighted to be a strategic partner of HSJ to champion the importance of health analytics in improving healthcare and wellbeing. HSJ knows that asking the right question is crucial to getting the best answers. The same is true of data and to do that the Health and Care services need a more sophisticated understanding of what data can do and to be much closer to professional analysts who can release its potential. Our partnership with HSJ is designed to help NHS understand how to make its data work for better health and care outcomes.”

AphA President Andi Orlowski added “AphA’s partnership with HSJ is designed to help the NHS and other Health and Care organisations make the best use of two misunderstood and underused assets, its vast data resources and its professional health analysts. Using these two valuable resources to best effect will have fundamental positive impact on care, outcomes, health and care services and population health. We are delighted to have a champion and strategic partner for this work in HSJ.”

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan said: “Every important aspect of the NHS’s work is informed – or at least should be – by data. The wealth of data available to the NHS as a coherent national system is one of its greatest advantages, and the analytical tools and expertise now available to the service mean that advantage can be exploited as never before.

“However, the informed use of data is too often undermined by the poor understanding of how it should be best interpreted, and the sideling of those best equipped to do that job. Through our partnership with AphA, we hope to help educate healthcare leaders to use data more effectively in their decision-making, and to champion those analysts who can best help the service improve.”


HSJ article here: https://www.hsj.co.uk/news/