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AphA Analysts announce the launch of our pilot mentorship programme. This programme is an analyst-specific mentoring programme that connects AphA mentors and mentees across the NHS and public sector, aligning to AphA’s professionalisation and networking strategies, to develop and strengthen a sense of community and shared learning.

Free of charge for our members

This mentoring programme is free of charge to all AphA members. Launched in April 2021, this is a pilot programme giving a limited number of analysts the opportunity to take part, and through their feedback, help AphA understand what can be improved to provide the highest quality mentorship offer to you, our members.

Find out the full details of the programme by downloading and reading the following documents:

  1. Pilot Mentoring framework (PDF)
  2. Application form
  3. Initial session form
  4. Subsequent session form
  5. Final session form
  6. Mentor feedback form
  7. Mentee feedback form

AphA Social Mentoring Programme Pilot

Next steps

An online meeting took place in May 2021 providing more information and giving prospective mentors and mentees the opportunity to ask questions prior to making their application to take part in the pilot.

We will ‘match’ mentors and mentees based on the information provided in their application forms. Places are limited in this pilot programme. Successful applicants will be informed ASAP with the expectation that mentoring sessions will commence June 2021.

The mentor orientation and application sessions will be arranged in May to July 2021 and will try to accommodate mentors’ diaries as far as possible- multiple sessions will be arranged to provide more than one date option if needed.

UPDATED 18 June 2021: We are still accepting applications for mentees.

Mentee pathway

Mentee pathway AphA

Mentor pathway

Mentor pathway AphA


You should send your completed application form to [email protected]. The following application deadlines apply:

  • Mentor application deadline is Friday 14 May 2021
  • Mentee application deadline is now extended to 23:59 on Sunday 4 July 2021.

Further announcements

We’ll be publishing key dates on the Events and Training section.