Exclusive free trial license and support from Alteryx

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Alteryx are offering exclusive extended free trial license and support for AphA members

What is Alteryx:

  • Alteryx is a self-service data analytics platform that helps gather disparate data, prep, blend, cleanse and outputs to visualisation tools
  • Alteryx plan to strategically work with AphA to bring this technology to the Analysts community by offering extended trials, enablement sessions around production use cases
  • Alteryx provides insight to data queries faster, including pre-built methods of running R queries and advanced data modelling and forecasting.

For further information and why use Alteryx, see here – https://www.alteryx.com/why-alteryx

Some use cases from their NHS customer base:

Leveraging Analytics for Quality Care Improvement

Alteryx enabled an NHS Trust reduce length of stay (LOS) by 0.4 days across the system (2000 excess days cumulatively), 90 day re-admissions by 2%, and reduced post-acute care costs by 25%, which helped allocate clinical resources at the right time to improve value based patient care.

Immense time reductions, eliminating silos

Helped an NHS organisation improve data collection speed by up to 80% – eliminating reliance on IT colleagues. Alteryx enabled users greater data manipulation with large HES & DIDS datasets (up to 4 billion rows), when other traditional tools crashed (and required dataset reduction), helped improve efficiency by 40%, as well as reporting resilience, reduce data errors and return analysts time by up to 10 hours weekly by creating repeatable, automated workflows to help trusts plan effective care delivery and local service planning.

Other use cases relate to looking at predictive analysis on bed space, A&E data on specific injuries to allocate resource, supply chain performance, invoicing discrepancies, pharmacy fraud, improving regulatory reporting with trusted data.

Ultimately, demonstrate where Data supports, preventative, predictive and personalised care, helps extract value from patient data, and use data to pinpoint roadblocks, improve resource areas and real time decision making.

What is the offer for AphA members:

Alteryx usually offers a 14 day free product trial, but for the AphA members Alteryx will be offering 45 days free license and personalised support, the full list of offer is below:

  • An exclusive 45 day trial license and enablement, license will initially be for 30 days and then it will be extended for 14 days before the end
  • The enablement is normal for a solutions engineer to engage and help build out the 1st workflow
  • This is what Alteryx will provide for AphA members –https://pages.alteryx.com/Alteryx-Discovery-Program.html

Please sign up by following this exclusive link for AphA members:

Alteryx – AphA Offer