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Posted : July 23, 2020 - / /

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Executive Summary

There is plenty to celebrate in the NHS Digital Academy journey so far and this future vision sets out an offering that builds on solid foundations in the context of current and future requirements. Stronger alignment to wider policy and initiatives should also help support system buy in and avoid the digital, data and technology workforce developing in a vacuum. We explore the needs of different groups from senior digital change leaders to specialist careers, from school leavers and graduates to board members, as well as the wider workforce.

There is an opportunity for the NHS Digital Academy to become the home of all digital learning and development for our workforce. This will include commissioning learning opportunities where gaps exist, but also building on existing successes and signposting where appropriate. This vision sets out an approach where individuals can earn an accredited badge aligned to continuous professional development, yet is personalised and flexible, combining a set of core areas with optional modules. A blended learning approach is encouraged which allows individuals to focus on personal needs as well as professional requirements. This means there will be face to face and online learning options.

In defining what the Digital Academy is and the vision for it, this document addresses four ‘problem’ areas: Build a strong, diverse and proactive talent pipeline; Ensure alignment with mainstream NHS leadership development; Co-ordinate opportunities linked to professionalism; Develop a long term delivery model. Diversity and increased opportunities for all is at the heart of this future vision, allowing individuals to make more informed choices.

We also crucially present six areas that will add to the success of the digital academy by embedding a culture of learning and personal development for the digital, data and technology workforce. These areas are regional and ICS support, board development, talent and pipeline, professionalisation, diversity and inclusion, and wider workforce support. Within these areas key aspects include mentoring and action learning. We also start to explore sustainability and branding.

The existing workforce must co-produce the implementation plan, which follows from this vision. This is to ensure content within the Digital Academy is receptive to grassroots needs alongside national policy and initiatives. With the need to move quickly, we lay out a series of immediate recommendations for the next 12-18 months and envisage medium and longer-term recommendations will be detailed in the subsequent implementation plan.

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