NHS Wales Modelling Collaborative: Quality & Quantity Themed National Event: 28 September 2021

Posted : September 8, 2021 - /

Our third national conference style event of 2021, held virtually.

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About this event

This full day event held entirely online will feature project presentations, a series of lightening talks and some virtual interactive sessions to encourage engagement and networking. As with previous events, presenters will showcase ‘why’ modelling in health and social care is essential to the planning and delivery of a healthier Wales, and the Q&A and interactive sessions are an opportunity for participants to delve in to the ‘what’ and ‘how’ (the more technical aspects).

We are working on the programme for the event but are thrilled to confirm the morning will be chaired by Cathy Dowling, Quality & Safety Assistant Director, NHS Wales Delivery Unit. We will have talks from:

Prof Mohamed Mohammed, Prof Healthcare Quality & Effectiveness ∧ NHS R Community lead, University of Bradford: ‘Quality Decision Making’.

A lightening round of presentations from Masters students currently undertaking work across NHS Wales.

We will also be having some virtual networking and interactive sessions to encourage engagement and sharing among participants.

The WMC aims to:

1. Bring together modelling skills with decision makers.

2. Create a safe environment for NHS employees to bring modelling problems to explore common approaches and whether others have tackled these issues.

3. Promote best practice and innovation among all NHS staff involved in analysis and interpretation of data through collaboration, sharing of good practice and lessons learnt.

4. Improve patient care through increasing and improving the ways data is translated into knowledge for shared decision making that can be used to directly improve patient care.