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The Association of Professional Healthcare Analysts (AphA) aims to develop analytical capacity and capability in health and care fit for the 21st century. Knowledge sharing is a key part of this.

Many sources of information and tools relating to Healthcare analytics exist – but the signposting to these resources is often chaotic/hidden.

The Health OAR knowledge base is an open knowledge resource being developed by AphA and partners. Building on early phase development of a local Analysts support resource in Bristol and South West UK, the Health Foundation will be sharing project resources from across the UK that have been funded by the AAA programme. The Health Foundation has, and is still supporting lots of great projects. Knowledge assets and analytics tools have been developed through this, and many are being shared.

A new Open Analytics Resources (OAR) knowledge base development working group has been formed, with colleagues from the Health foundation and other analytically keen organisations agreeing to collaborate over the next year to pool resources via sharing of key links and high level descriptions. – Working group Terms of reference / Quarterly meeting minutes here 

We are not trying to create a comprehensively detailed index of all resources, but to collate a set of signposts to resources that people from within the Analytics community find interesting and useful. The signposting / index is presented in a doc, and a data set is also being developed.


What can you do to help:

  • If you know of good Health Analytics resources please let us know.
  • Check the doc – there are lots of great resources.
  • You don’t need to spend long scanning through an index to get a sense of what is available.
  • It would be great if you can benefit from, contribute to or help moderate.
  • Join a group of enthusiasts and develop a knowledge base, support knowledge exchange and get recognised for your work.


A formal statement / letter of recognition (from senior colleagues at the Health Foundation and AphA) for input is offered for Knowledge base development champions, contributors or moderators.

There is a wealth of knowledge and skills in the AphA network, helping each other understand what is available and exciting is valuable.

Working as a Healthcare Analyst involves a background of putting in time to build up expertise, facing and overcoming challenges, and becoming aware of some challenges that may still seem insurmountable. Let’s share links to the key tools and resources that we find useful and help each other, lighten the load.

You are doing important work in driving Health and Care Analytics – thank you!


Thank you to John Kellas for supporting AphA with community development –
Thank you to the Bristol Health Partners and Healthier Together STP for funding 1st iterations of the Healthcare OAR knowledge base document