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Posted : June 24, 2020 - /

Reference Guide Series – Progress Update

Dear Colleagues,

Last year I circulated information about the PLETHORA Reference Guide Series initiative – click here.

This project, supported by the Health Foundation, is  progressing well and we are currently developing two pilot editions of exemplar guides. If successful we hope this will lead to a more extensive programme to develop a library of reference guides for a wide range of key areas in health and care analytics to support services.

As conceived, each Reference Guide will comprise two connected sections (in one short volume): –

  1. A ‘Companion Section’ aimed at a wide audience of users and commissioners of health service analytics (approx 20 pages)
  2. A ‘Technical Section’ aimed primarily at  health service analysts to support practice giving specific advice and guidance (approx 60 pages)

We have now developed early drafts of the Companion Sections for the two pilot editions – ‘Data for Decision Makers’  and ‘Demand and Capacity Planning in Healthcare’.

At this stage, we (i.e. the Reference Series steering group) are keen to collect feedback from potential users of these guides to support the development process. On this basis we will be circulating these early drafts and requesting responses from the wider circle of practitioners via a simple web based questionnaire.

I will aim to circulate these drafts and link to the questionnaire early next week and we will be grateful for your engagement if possible.

In the meantime please get back to me if you have any immediate queries in relation to this initiative,

Best wishes

Martin Pitt