Slack workspace for analysts, statisticians, etc in Scotland

Posted : May 18, 2018 - / /

A Slack workspace for analysts, statisticians, data scientists and more working in the public sector in Scotland has recently been set up. This is a place for people to share useful resources with each other, ask questions of their peers and to facilitate general chat. Sl join, simply click this link. You will automatically be added to the general and random channels, but can add further topic-specific channels by clicking the word “Channels” on the left side of the screen and selecting from the list.

Since this is for public sector workers only we would kindly ask that you sign up using your work email address. A number of email domains have already been added to the approval list, but if you have difficulty joining and think you should be included then please contact Anna Price (

We would like this workspace to be run by its members – to that end, if anyone is interested in becoming part of the admin group then do let us know!