Strategy Unit on Advancing the analytical capability of the NHS and its ICS partners

Posted : November 22, 2021 - /

Advancing the analytical capability of the NHS and its ICS partners

We see all analysis as informing decisions. Producing high-functioning analytical teams able to design and produce high-quality analysis, and communicate it effectively to decision-makers, is therefore essential.

The Strategy Unit were asked by the Strategy and Development Team in the Directorate of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer, NHSE/I, to make recommendations for advancing analytical capability across the health and care workforce. To do so, we consulted a wide range of colleagues on the questions: how do we advance analytical capability? What does high-quality analytics look like? What are the implications for skills, career paths and training?

The report responds to each of these questions. It describes how analysts, teams, regions and national bodies can:

  • organise themselves to deliver strategic analysis;
  • develop their analytical skills and provide opportunities to simplify career pathways for analysts;
  • appreciate and utilise the full range of analytical possibilities at their disposal; and
  • connect with peers through networks.

The report is part of a growing effort across health and care to get the most out of our analytical workforce, and provide opportunities and options for individual analysts. It builds on recent work to develop a competency framework for healthcare analysts by AphA, and informs the upcoming guidance and toolkit from NHSE/I and the Strategy Unit on building cross-system intelligence functions.

Alongside the full report, a separate document outlines what career pathways for healthcare analysts might look like, and the resources available to them to advance their skills.

Typically interesting and thought provoking stuff I think from the Strategy Unit. Has great relevance to us locally, across the ICS and in an AphA context especially around the competency framework development

We’d love to know your thoughts as members and we’ll be exploring how can we understand more behind these suggestions from the Strategy Unit as to some specific roles AphA can play here.

Andrew Barraclough,

Head of Quality, Improvement & Safety Analysis

Sherwood Building, City Campus,   Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Director of Skills Development, AphA