Webinar Series Organised by RSS Official Statistics Section in collaboration with the Health Statistics User Group

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Webinar Series Organised by RSS Official Statistics Section

in collaboration with the Health Statistics User Group


Improving User Access to Health and Care Statistics

Webinar on Tuesday 21 June 2022

 12:00 to 13:30


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The next webinar in this series will showcase the work being carried out to improve user access to health and care statistics.  The work of the English Health Statistics Steering Group (EHSSG) will be highlighted – including the work of the Health and Care Statistics Theme Groups.  These Theme Groups have been existence for some time, but many have not been very active during the pandemic and are now being re-activated. The focus of the webinar will be on disseminating, and getting feedback on, these initiatives which are aimed at facilitating collaborative working and improving access to statistics.  It will include what is happening across the 4 Nations.    Speakers will share what has been achieved so far, such as the development of the health and care statistics landscape, alongside sharing the associated benefits and impacts.  If the work is to continue and to develop further, then it is important to involve the wider user community, both so that they are aware of what is currently available and so they can make an input to future developments – and the webinar will be one way to do this.


Further information on this webinar will be posted as it becomes available on the RSS Events page https://rss.org.uk/training-events/events/  and also on the HSUG (Health Statistics User Group) website – see www.hsug.org.uk for how to access this.



Emma Sharland, ONS:  This presentation will give an overview of the work being carried out  by the English Health Statistics Steering Group (EHSSG) and associated theme groups. This presentation will reflect on the achievements of the EHSSG so far, and future plans. It will also cover how the EHSSG and the User Engagement Hub are working together.


Sarah Caul, ONS:  Sarah is the lead for the Mortality Statistics Theme Group.  She will discuss how this Theme Group works, and present achievements so far, including the benefits the group provided during the pandemic, as well as plans for the future


Lucy Vickers DHSC:  Lucy’s presentation will describe the activities of the Health Statistics Leadership Forum, and the role this plays in user engagement and facilitating improved access to health and care statistics.


Scott Wilson and Graham McGowan, Public Health Scotland:  Scott and Graham will provide an overview to the range of statistical outputs that PHS provides with focus on current usage and access. The presentation will then provide an insight to the organisation’s potential for future developments aimed at increasing the value, quality and access to information to all end users. The Covid-19 pandemic generated an unprecedented volume of engagement with PHS statistics and they will discuss rapid development cycles, responding to public queries and facilitating easy access to data over the past two years.


William Perks, Welsh Government:  William will not be presenting but will participate in the Q&A to comment on user engagement activities in Wales.