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AphA organisational membership is designed to maximise your organisation’s use of analytical resources, to enable advancing analytical maturity and support a networked analytical workforce, by providing access to our resources and opportunities unique to those accessing organisational membership.

About AphA – who we are

AphA was formed in 2012 to address the lack of professionalism in health analytics and to provide a focus for the development of professional registration, and a platform for analysts to network, share knowledge and good practice.

We’ve created a growing UK community through sharing of experience and knowledge to promote the highest standards in healthcare analysis. We have members across the United Kingdom, in Health and Social Care organisations, we continue to bring together Analysts from England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

We provide support, networking opportunities and everyday practical resources.

Our aim is to raise the profile of healthcare analysts and provide a professional support network, ultimately giving members opportunity to apply for professional registration status.

We’re supporting our members to drive up the quality and applicability of robust analytics as an aid to evidence based decision making in a modern health and care system.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of robust analytics and modelling supporting organisations to plan and make effective decisions, AphA will continue to champion the improvement of analytical capabilities to enhance service improvement, patient care and experience, and by achieving better outcomes for the Health and Social care services.

Organisational Membership Benefits

Make the most of a valuable asset. Data and Analysts!

Despite generating huge amounts of data, it is true to say that it is not always utilised in a coherent way to support evidence-based decision making.

We believe that with the right support, encouragement and training a well-motivated workforce can support innovative clinicians and strategic decision makers to support service quality improvement and efficiency gains, and ultimately achieving better patient outcome and experience across the health and care sector.

Actively develop the UK’s health and care analysts

It is undoubtedly true that the coming decade will see an accelerated adoption of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence in health and care.

AphA exists to support the analytical workforce across the health and care sectors in the UK.

It is vital that we do that, not only with our membership, but also with employing organisations across the sector. In this way we will be able to ensure consistency of standards that employers can have confidence in.

Demonstrably support your analytical workforce

Taking up organisational membership sends out a clear, strong and positive message to your analysts.

It says we value what you do, we recognise the value added that you provide to the organisation.

It says we care about you as an individual and we are prepared to invest in your future development.

Organisational membership confers many benefits for both the organisation and the individual. These include:

  • Membership Communication and Content – only analytical monthly magazine in town! Also access to members area of the AphA website.
  • Free access to regular webinar series with input from sector leaders.
  • Networking opportunities with analysts across the NHS via regional branch and national events.
  • Support for members to become recognised Analysts and professionally registered, including additional masterclasses and fast track assessment.
  • For organisational members with over 100 members:
    • Hosting rights for two webinars per annum
    • Speaking slot at plenary session of the annual conference
  • Opportunity to influence the development of professional analytical workforce.
  • Access to resources of the Federation of Informatics Professionals (FEDIP) via AphA’s membership.

What Happens Next

Subscribe to Organisational Membership

Once you are happy to go ahead with our proposal, we will send you a link to create an account and pay for your membership. Once paid you will need to let your employees (Analysts) know that you now have an organisational membership and they can sign up through a unique link to your account.

We will provide an email template with instructions, so it’s easier for you to send to your colleagues. A process diagram is described below:

To discuss further please drop us an email – info@aphanalysts.org

Organisational Member Agreement

Email to your staff to inform them of sign up process

Analysts can access member benefits