Starting our AphA YouTube Channel

Posted : May 20, 2020 - / /

Watch Paul talking about his experience, and guitars!

We thought about trying something different, a more interactive way to ask Paul Stroner, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) some questions, including:

  • How did it all start for Paul, and the beginning of Apha
  • What has been the most significant development in AphA over the last couple of years

Please watch the video to find out more.

This is the first of the AphA webinar series, in this video Rony Arafin, our Director of Digital Engagement speaks with Paul Stroner, AphA CEO.

This video provides excellent insight and Paul speaks from his experience in detail about what AphA can offer, and how Analysts can engage with AphA to continue their personal and professional development in the analytical space.

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