NHS Chief Analytical Officer Network

WHO WE ARE: A growing number of organisations are appointing Chief Analytical Officers (CAOs) at executive and board level role, dedicated to unlocking the potential of the data an organisation already holds. A good CAO will provide leadership and support to a team who can harness this potential.

OUR NEEDS: A successful CAO will need to be able to lead and be visible to generate a data-rich and curious culture within an organisation. You need to champion the benefits of analytics and inspire all staff on the journey with you. It’s crucial that everyone uses data responsibly in any organisation, and the CAO is there to ensure that happens.

WHY TO JOIN: A CAO needs to have lived and breathed the role of an analyst. We encourage professional registration via industry bodies such as FEDIP and AphA. This shows not only that your skills have been validated and independently assessed, but that you are passionate and committed to the analyst profession. As early adopters of professional registration, you are clearly willing to be held accountable to AphA values and our code of conduct.

BENEFITS: You will be the visible leader of analysts and will foster an environment that hones analysts’ skills and their confidence to use them. You will create a safe space for analysts to learn and grow: an organisation that’s ready to embrace data. You will encourage analysts to network nationally and support them in undertaking training and development by providing both the time and funding to do so.

To find out and to get involved please contact tetiana@aphanalysts.org