Professional Registration

Number of AphA Members with Professional Registration status is 45.

You can find details of analysts registered with FEDIP on the public register here.

Professional Registration

Welcome to the Professional Registration page! Here you will find information and resources to assist you with your application for professional registration.

An important part of AphA’s vision is to have professionally registered analysts.  We offer all our members the opportunity to become professionally registered with the Federation of Informatics Professionals (FEDIP).  Professional registration is an opportunity demonstrate your knowledge, skills and competencies through a peer review process.  This process validates your skills and competencies as an analyst, evidencing your ability as a healthcare analyst through an externally validated process.  This is also a great way for you to show your commitment to your own career and professional development


How do I apply?

Application for professional registration involves the completion of an application form and creation of a portfolio of evidence and reflective practice to support your application by demonstrating how you meet the registration standards.

Applications can be submitted four time a year as part of a quarterly registration cycle.

The registration process takes a maximum of three months from submission of your application.

If your application is successful, an annual fee of £25 is payable to FEDIP via AphA.

Application forms and further guidance is available here:

Click here for further guidance

Click here to Apply


The Professional Development Committee (PDC)

The AphA professional registration process is governed through the AphA Professional Development Committee.  This committee oversees applications for professional registration, ensuring there are robust assessment processes in place to review applicants’ and their portfolios. The committee makes recommendations in terms of which applicants should be admitted to the professional register.  It is also responsible for ensuring our professional standards are maintained and are relevant to the practising analyst.

The Professional Development Committee is chaired by Emma Wright, AphA Executive Director of Professional Development and includes representation from assessors and other AphA directors.