Renew your membership

How to renew an existing membership


Recent members paying with PayPal

If you’ve used the new system when paying with Paypal this is a recurring subscription. The system will take payment every year from the PayPal account you signed up with. You can cancel this at anytime via PayPal and the next year subscription will not be taken and your membership will expire. You can also get in touch with us to manually expire and remove your payment subscription.

Old members paying with PayPal (Pre March 2019)

When you come to renew your membership you will be added to the new recurring AphA membership. To renew your membership follow these steps:

  1. Login to your AphA account using your email address and password you signed up with
  2. Head to your account and view your subscriptions
  3. Select Subscribe or simply login and then follow this link

Members paying with Direct Debit

When you renew your membership, you’ll be presented with a payment by Direct Debit option, which means that the yearly fee can be paid from your bank account on a monthly or quarterly term.

If you would like to cancel your Direct Debit, you can do this via your bank, please could you let us know if you are cancelling Direct Debit and if there’s anything we could help with should you experience any issues with this method of payment.

Members paying with Bank Payment

If you pay for your AphA subscription by Bank Payment the subscription will expire each year and you will need to renew. In order to renew your membership follow these steps:

If your membership has actually expired:

  1. Login to your AphA account using your email address and password you signed up with
  2. Head to your account and view your subscriptions
  3. Select Subscribe, check your details and select Bank Payment from the options
  4. Please provide payment via Bank Transfer to us using the details shown
  5. Once we receive a notification of a bank payment we will check this against our bank account (this can take up to 2 days) and manually approve your membership. Please bear in mind that you will not be able to gain access to restricted areas until we receive payment and approve your membership.

If your membership is due to expire but hasn’t run out yet:

Send a bank payment to the below details and email to notify us of your payment and include your email address that you signed with initially. We will then be able to extend your membership for another year.

Please send payment to AphA using the following details

Please use your full name as a payment reference so we can activate your account once payment has been received.

52 High Street, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 8LJ
Sort Code 55-50-06
Current Account
Account No 56089627


Email address for purchase orders:


Having issues?

If you’re still having issues please contact us. Please make sure to include the email address that you signed up with so we can identify you as a user and let us know what payment method you have used.